We are Christ-centered and faith-directed in all that we are.

Mrs. Wingrath

Message from Mrs. Wingrath

Third grade is a fun-filled, busy learning adventure! This is a transitional year. Students become more responsible and independent this year, learning valuable skills such as study habits, time-management, and organization. Some of the exciting things they will be engaged in this year are reviewing the cursive alphabet and then using cursive for their assignments, expressing their creativity through journal writing and different kinds of story writing, distinguishing between the different types of communities by "building" their own, researching a particular saint to create a life-sized saint poster, getting more in-depth with different genres by doing literature sets, performing many science experiments through hands-on activities, and learning multiplication during "Multiplication Mania Week!" Not only will we grow together as a class community, but we'll also grow in our faith through class meetings and various role-playing of Bible stories. Our faith is at the heart of all we do. We learn about the Catholic faith in religion class, of course, but we practice our faith at all times. Students will be involved in service projects throughout the year to show their care for others in need. Our big service project is the raffle done before Christmas break. It is time-consuming and requires students to use many skills, but they will have a blast being in charge of this worthy cause! Students will need to learn study skills this year. Flashcards and study guides will help with that. We will be using a variety of teaching techniques to explore third-grade skills and concepts. Manipulatives, computers, Smartboards, games, and hands-on activities will help students learn. Through these and many other activities, we'll be busy learning all that we can!! !

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