We are Christ-centered and faith-directed in all that we are.

Mrs. Struemp

Message from Mrs. Struemph

I am so happy to be back again this year to teach sixth through eighth grade Religion as well as sixth and seventh grade Math, and eighth grade Pre‐Algebra, and Algebra. I will also be the sixth grade homeroom teacher.

Last year was such a wonderful year getting to know the students and their families! I felt very welcomed and learned so much from all who are part of the school. I look forward to having all of the Junior High classrooms in one building, to allow for safer and more efficient transitions between classes. I also believe we will be a more cohesive Junior High by being in one building. This year we will also be incorporating the newly revised Language Arts Curriculum, yes, even in Religion and Math. The new curriculum will help the students who learn better through the written word or talking through concepts. In Mathematics, especially, it will help students take the concepts and organize them and potentially retain the concepts more readily. Finally, we will continue to maintain a Christ‐centered and faith directed atmosphere through journaling, class discussions, and prayer services. Maintaining this atmosphere has been very easy at St. George, due to the fantastic students and the wonderfully supportive parents. I am looking forward to this year and getting to know my homeroom students better!


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