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St. George Scrip Program

The St. George Scrip program purchases gift cards from participating local merchants and the Great Lakes Scrip Company at a reduced price and then sells them at face value – it’s that simple! It’s a super easy fundraiser for our parish. Anyone can participate and earn money for the parish, school or specific school family.

Scrip Order Form

Scrip Order Forms are available at the parish and school offices, at the scrip table before/after Masses, or on the St. George website at www.saint-george-parish.org. Click on the school link and then fundraisers. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com for a complete list of gift cards available.

Funds for Your Family or Other Area of Designation

Each time a gift card is purchased, you’ll receive 35% of the participating merchant’s discount. That discount is applied towards your child’s school registration. For example, if you purchase $100 in Old Navy gift cards, the school receives 14% of the face value, which equates to $14 for the school. Of that money, you receive 35% or $4.90 toward next year’s school registration or other area you designate (parish debt, school office, specific classroom). For family designations, earnings are applied to your annual registration fee for the next school year.


Orders are filled promptly. If we do not have gift cards in stock, we typically place orders on Monday. There are five easy ways to order –

  1. send your order to the school office via your child(ren) during the school year
  2. Monday through Friday contact the rectory at (573) 897-2293
  3. email your order to sgscrip@yahoo.com
  4. place your order via your account online at www.shopwithscrip.com. To use this feature, please contact sgscrip@yahoo.com, Carla McDaniel at 573.690.4353, or Brenda Winkelman at the parish office at 573.897.2293 to activate your account. Within your account you can set up PrestoPay to pay online through your bank account. ScripNow gifts cards (specific vendors) are emailed directly to you and plastic cards are sent to you promptly
  5. shop before or after weekend Masses at St. George.

Gerbes Community Rewards

Gerbes offers the St. George Community Rewards program where each participant links their Shopper’s Plus card to the Community Rewards account. The scrip program receives quarterly rebate checks and those amounts will be combined with your scrip gift card purchases to be applied to registration or other area designated on the scrip order forms.

NOTE: The only way you can receive the Gerbes rebate is to email your quarterly earnings shown on your account to sgscrip@yahoo.com. Because of privacy laws the company will not give the script coordinator an amount for each customer.

Steps to Activate Gerbes Community Rewards:

Do you have a Gerbes Shopper’s Plus card? If not, please sign up for one at the store the next time you are there. With your Gerbes Shopper’s Plus card, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.gerbes.com and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an online account, please set that up first. You will need to add your Shopper’s Plus card to your online account (enter the ten digit number from the back of your Shopper’s Plus card).
  2. Then select the Community Rewards tab from the menu across the top of the screen. Click the Enroll Now button, select St George School (no period after St), ID number 87367.