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Mr. Horvath

Message from Mr. Horvath

I was born in Kirksville, MO and moved around from St. Louis to Jefferson City until my family decided to settle in Linn. I entered kindergarten in the last few weeks of the school year at St. George and grew up with the faith centered approach of St. George until I graduated from Mrs. McReynold’s eighth-grade class in 2005. I then entered Linn High School and spent two years after that attending East Central College before transferring with honors to Truman State University where I received both a degree in English and my master’s degree in Elementary Education. I now return to my hometown to deliver the same quality education that I enjoyed growing up with. I have worked in several fourth-grade classrooms in Kirksville and Novinger, MO, so I am excitedly preparing for working with this upcoming class.

My favorite subjects growing up were social studies and science. I now hope to teach these subjects to my future students with all the passion and intellect I grew accustomed to under my teaching mentors such as Mr. M, Mrs. Brandt, and Mrs. Grellner to name a few. I plan to follow in the footsteps of my mentors by holding my students to high expectations through the use of scaffolding and modeling. Fourth graders should expect to learn details about famous Missourians, the fifty United States of America, and America’s presidents, whereas fifth graders should be preparing to work through several projects focusing on the birth and growth of the United States. I love working on projects that lead students to explore critical thinking and themselves as growing citizens of the world. Fourth graders should be prepared for weekly spelling test as well as activities to expand their vocabulary and writing skills. I am ready and willing to work with the community of parents to ensure the best possible Catholic education for your students. I hope to work together with students and parents to make this the most exciting and educational school year yet.