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Mr. Horvath

Message from Mr. Horvath

I am very excited for the up coming school year! This will be my fourth year here in fourth grade, which clearly is a sign for four times the fun and learning. Once again, my classroom will be a Classroom Dojo centered model focused on growing young role models. This year for the first time I will be teaching all subjects in a self contained classroom. No more switching between the 5th and 4th grades. I will still focus on preparing the students for junior high, just without being able to model the actual switching of classrooms. As in previous years 4th graders should expect to have math on a daily bases and be prepared for the 50 states test and all the various projects that go along with it. I will continue to be teaching the scientific method and utilizing the lab; from microscopes to beyond. Students should also expect weekly spelling tests and various reading assessments. My favorite subjects growing up were social studies and science. I now hope to teach these subjects to my future students with all the passion and intellect I grew accustomed to under my teaching mentors such as Mr. M, Mrs. Brandt, and Mrs. Grellner to name a few. I plan to follow in the footsteps of my mentors by holding my students to high expectations through the use of scaffolding and modeling. I love working on projects that lead students to explore critical thinking and themselves as growing citizens of the world. I am ready and willing to work with the community of parents to ensure the best possible Catholic education for your students. My goal as always is to prepare your child to be an exceptional Christ-like citizen of our world. I hope to work together with students and parents to make this the most exciting and educational school year yet.

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