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Sister Linda

Message from Sister Linda

As a School Sister of Notre Dame, I am guided by our Congregation’s vision of education as “enabling persons to reach the fullness of their potential as individuals created in God’s image. . .” I want all of my students to grow as children of God, respecting themselves, other people, and the entire created world. I believe each child can be successful in learning and that not all children learn in the same way.

My goal is to guide and direct them, keeping them moving on the journey of learning according to each one’s readiness. It is very important that children be excited about learning, that they develop a willingness to try new things and to always put forth their best efforts.

Lessons are planned to help students become problem-solvers and to have a strong foundation for future learning. Special emphasis is placed on developing a love for reading. To foster these learning outcomes and attitudes, it is essential to have a positive, nurturing, caring environment in the classroom. One of the specific ways I do this is through the process used with the children to resolve daily conflicts, big or small. I also want to be in close partnership with each child’s family, working and praying together for each child to reach his/her potential as a child of God.

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