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Mrs. Rehmert

Message from Mrs. Rehmert

Hello! My name is Mrs. Brooklyn Rehmert, your School Counselor. I cannot wait for this school year to begin. As this is a new position at St. George, I am excited to bring the much needed support to our students along with building a solid Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for years to come. Since COVID-19, we can all agree that mental health has been an even bigger topic in the school setting. Many students have lost a whole year of social skills, self-regulation, coping mechanisms, and so much more. All of these skills are often learned in school where students are surrounded by classmates and faculty members. I have been supporting children, teens and adults the last 6 years in various roles within schools, residential facilities, crisis centers, and shelters. I was born and raised in Rich Fountain, MO and currently reside there with my husband, Thad, and our 1 year old, Jameson. I love my hometown and am so blessed to be able to share my experience and support in my own community. My role as the Counselor is to promote social emotional growth and academic success for all students through the teaching of social skills and behavior management in individual, small group sessions, and classrooms. I will be sending monthly newsletters out to each family that will include helpful resources, topic of the month, and tips for mental health! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

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